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Your California Wedding Planning and Coronavirus

Your California Wedding Planning and Coronavirus

The past 12 months have been quite the roller-coaster! Having been a Temecula wedding photographer for over ten years now, I’ve never encountered anything like COVID-19 and how it had disrupted our lives and the event industry.

I've rewritten this article multiple times as guidelines have changed! The latest news is that as of 6/15/21, venues are able to operate at 100% capacity. Masking will still be required.

For more information, see this news release.

California-Specific Wedding and Event Restrictions

California has some of the strictest event restrictions with regard to COVID. At present (April 2021), Riverside County is in Tier 3. (You can find your own country's status by clicking here.)

In Tier 3, outdoor events can have a maximum of 100 guests or up to 300 guests if all guests are tested or have proof of vaccination.

For indoor events, up to 150 guests are permitted if all guests are either tested or show proof of vaccination.

Riverside County Marriage Licenses

Riverside County is now issuing marriage licenses by appointment only, or online. They are also offering video-conference marriage ceremonies! Find more information here.

For up-to-date information on the state of California's measures through COVID-19, visit CA.gov's California Coronavirus Response page.

Rescheduling or Scheduling Your Wedding Date

When I first wrote this article in spring 2020, I think we all assumed this was a short-term situation. I had couples with May weddings reschedule to August or September and be faced with the same scenario of their venue not permitting a large wedding.

As I write this, it's spring 2021 and we've had 2 lockdowns. Now more people are being vaccinated and the prospect of your 2021 wedding is looking much rosier, particularly if your wedding is in the second half of the year!

One thing to keep in mind is when COVID first starting impacting events, I (and other industry partners) offered as much flexibility to couples when rescheduling. That's because COVID was a complete unknown when their date was booked.

Now going forward, some vendors are now assessing a rescheduling fee if couples want to move their date. Vendors have different perspectives on this, but in general as long as the event can go on on the booked date, it's not a state shutdown and the couple can move forward with their event.

This is something to keep in mind as you move forward with wedding planning. Always get clarification from your vendors on how to reschedule, and what happens if a vendor isn't available on your newly rescheduled date.

Consider a Micro Wedding or Minimony

In lieu of a large wedding, couples are considering elopements, micro weddings and minimonies. A micro wedding is a downsized wedding; it often contains the elements of a wedding day but with a much smaller guest list. A minimony is choosing to have a small ceremony with a larger celebration planned in the future.

This article on micro weddings has great information on micro wedding planning, timelines, and local Temecula venues offering micro wedding pricing!

Temecula Micro Wedding Photographer

Consider an Elopement

Elopements have become pretty flexible over the past few years. They now encompass anything from just the couple and a photographer, to a wedding day with all the traditional wedding events, but a much smaller guest list.

If you're looking for insight on planning an elopement, check out Temecula Elopement Timeline. Also see a gorgeous Temecula Airbnb elopement wedding here!

Wedding Vendor Availability

Consider asking your wedding vendors if they can provide you with an up-to-date calendar you can access as you consider changing your plans. I provided my clients with a Google calendar link on a hidden page on my website they can access at all times. This should make the process a bit easier on you when considering potential new dates.

Ask Your Vendor Team About Cancellation or Rescheduling Policies

Like many vendors, I require a non-refundable retainer to reserve a date on my calendar. When COVID first started impacting weddings, of course I let those couples move their dates without any restrictions or penalty.

As we continue to navigate through this health crisis, however, you should definitely be asking all your vendors about their cancellation or rescheduling policies around COVID. Many will have non-refundable retainers. Some vendors may charge a rescheduling fee to move your date. If you move your wedding from 2021 to 2022, you may be subject to new rates for the following year. Get a very thorough understanding of retainers and rescheduling policies before you book any vendor or venue.

My own COVID rescheduling policies can be seen here: COVID Rescheduling Policies

Other Considerations for Changing Your Wedding Date

Disappointment in Changing Your Wedding Date

Changing your wedding date may feel insignificant in lieu of a national crisis, but it’s completely natural to be disappointed. Many couples have chosen a date with special meaning and it’s hard to think about delaying or changing that date. It’s okay to feel upset or disheartened when navigating this change.

Wedding-Related Events

Changing your wedding date may also impact your other wedding events - such as your bachelor and bachelorette parties, bridal shower, and even getting fitted for suits and wedding dresses. Depending on where your wedding dress is shipping from, there may be a delay. Couples look forward to these events and with large gatherings currently banned, it may make sense to delay your wedding so you can enjoy these events without worry.

Travel for Your Honeymoon and Wedding Day

You are likely to have older family members and friends on your guest list. Rescheduling may allow them to attend your wedding day and have more ease of mind. As none of us knows how long the threat of COVID will impact our society and events, it’s impossible to say when would be a “safe” date, but it’s something to think about as you consider potential dates.

Your honeymoon travel plans may also be impacted. Many airlines are offering credits and flexibility, so you should be able to adjust your travel plans accordingly.

Rethink Your Guest List

There's no way of knowing what the state's regulations will be like in 2021. A few of the couples I've worked with have decided to have a micro wedding now, and a larger reception celebration at some point in the future. This may be a good option for those that want to get married this year and ensure those most important to you can be there on your wedding day.

When to Reschedule Your Wedding Day

When this started, I had couples with May weddings reschedule to August. This seemed safe at the time - this would surely be over by then, right? The further we have gone into this crisis, the more I have seen couples delay their weddings by not just a few months, but 6 months to a year. It's an annoying answer, but, "It depends," is the most accurate. If your ultimate desire is not to have a scaled-down wedding, then I'd reschedule ASAP to late 2021 or 2022. The most important thing to consider is that there are now many couples rescheduling their wedding dates with their venues, photographers, and other vendors. The sooner you may a decision, the more likely you are to have a choice in your dates should you choose to reschedule.

Refunds from Your Venue and Vendors

You likely have signed a contract with all your wedding vendors. Each vendor spells out different remedies in this situation in their contract. For my clients, they all still want to get married, so I’m transferring all retainers to their new dates, and locking in their current rate, no matter what date they reschedule. For couples booking 2021 now, however, if they push their dates out to 2022 they will be subject to 2022 pricing. This is not uncommon for many wedding vendors.

Couples Planning 2021 or 2022 Weddings

Choosing Your Wedding Date and Vendors

The couples I booked for 2020 weddings secured my services anywhere from 6 months to 12+ months out from their wedding date.

For couples that are now looking at prime 2021 or 2022 wedding dates, I’m recommending they sign agreements as soon as they make a decision on their venue and vendors. With so many couples rescheduling their weddings, this will limit the pool of vendors available for your day more quickly than normal.

Choosing Your Wedding Vendors While Social Distancing

I’m no longer meeting with couples in person, and this is where the power of the internet has been incredibly helpful! Email, phone calls and Google Hangout have all been valuable resources to connect with clients about their wedding photography needs.

Other vendors are also coming up with new ways to connect with clients. One venue I work with frequently as a preferred vendor, Eagle Glen Golf Club, has told me they are scheduling venue “showings” via Facetime. This Corona-based wedding venue also has a virtual tour (you can actually see it here). These tools can give you a very accurate picture of how your wedding day will look at a given venue!

Wedding Planning Tools

Below are some helpful resources for planning your wedding day!

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