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Elopement Timeline

Temecula Elopement Timeline

Temecula Elopement Timeline

As a Temecula wedding photographer, most of my work over the years has been large weddings at traditional venues. The past year has given way to much smaller events, which I find so enjoyable because at these more intimate events, couples get to spend time with those who are most important to them and prioritize their timeline with the events most important to them.

3 Types of Elopements

There are 3 types of elopements. You have a simpler, pared-down elopement, which may in fact just be the photographer and the couple. In this case, 2 hours is probably going to be exactly what you need.

There are elopements that also include your closest family and friends. These elopements may have up to 25 people and include a lot of traditional wedding elements, like getting ready photos, first look photos, and reception events such as dances, toasts and cake cutting. These are also now being called micro weddings.

Lastly, there are what I like to call adventure elopements! Like the first type of elopement, these may just include the couple and the photographer. These are the types of elopements most likely to demand full wedding-day photography packages, anywhere from 6 to 8 hours, depending on where the couple wants to go for their photos.

The First Thing You Should Know When Planning Your Timeline

Once you have your wedding date, the most important thing to know is the sunset time on your wedding day! I recommend having your ceremony an hour to an hour and a half before sunset. This will reserve sunset time (or the prettiest and most dreamy light of the day!) for your couple portraits. This applies to all types of elopements - and all wedding days, actually!

Elopement Timeline Elements

When helping a couple plan their timeline, below are the blocks of time I set aside for each section or event of the day. If you're not having a particular event, there's no need to plan for it in your timeline! However, the most important consideration for timeline planning is plenty of buffer time! Things run behind, and even if they don't, you really don't want to feel rushed on your wedding day! Having extra time planned allows you to relax and enjoy the special moments of your day!

Elopement Timeline Elements - Weddings with Up to 25 Guests

  • 45 minutes: getting ready photos
  • 30 minutes: first look
  • 30 minutes: ceremony
  • 30 minutes: family portraits
  • 30 minutes: on-site couple portraits (plan for more time if you need to travel elsewhere)
  • 45 minutes: reception events such as cake cutting, toasts, and dances!
  • Total time: 3.5 Hours

Sample Timeline - June Wedding with 7:00 Sunset

4:30: Getting ready photos
5:15: First look
5:45: Ceremony
6:15: Family portraits
6:45: Couple sunset photos
7:15 - 8:00: Reception events

See a Temecula elopement here!

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