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Avensole Winery

Avensole Winery Engagement Session

Avensole Winery is a gorgeous location for engagement photos! Available exclusively for couples getting married at Avensole Winery, it offers the opportunity to get beautiful vineyard engagement photos while getting acquainted with your wedding venue!


Avensole Winery is located at 34567 Rancho California Rd, Temecula, CA 92592.

Venue Permission

Avensole Winery is a private property and you’ll need permission to take your engagement photos on location. Couples getting married at Avensole Winery enjoy this perk as part of their wedding package!


Avensole Winery is set on a hilltop and offers gorgeous views that compliment engagement session photos. I like to start engagement sessions in part of the property set in a grassy field area and work our way towards the vineyards. There’s also a pond and large trees near the parking lot that look beautiful when the light is filtering through the greenery.

Scheduling Your Engagement Session

Weekday Session

Avensole allows for engagement sessions to take place during the weekdays only. Typically they are booked for events on the weekends.

Venue Hours and Sunset

Avensole closes at 5 PM. I typically schedule my sessions an hour and a half before sunset. This means if you want sunset engagement photos at Avensole, your session needs to be booked during a time of year when the sun sets closer to 5 PM.

The ideal time for this is right after Daylight Saving Time starts (typically early November). Spring is also an option, but you’d want to make sure your session starts after the buds on the vines break, so you have vineyard greenery in your images.

I can photograph at Avensole nearly any time of the year - this is just important if you specifically want sunset photos there. Alternatively, for sessions during other times of the year, it’s always an option to “split” your session so half takes place at Avensole and half takes place in Old Town Temecula, as an example.


Avensole Winery has ample parking on-site.


Restrooms are located on-site inside the winery.

What to Wear

I recommend bringing 1-2 outfits for your engagement session. I typically like to start sessions 1.5 - 2 hours before sunset. This allows us ample time to explore the property and additionally, I’m able to set a timer on my phone halfway through the session to remind you to change.

Taylor + Ben did an amazing job choosing their outfits for their session! Taylor brought along 2 dresses and Ben brought 2 button-up shirts. Taylor’s dresses had more of a pattern, while Ben’s shirts were solid-colored. This is a look I recommend for sessions - if one partner has a patterned garment, it looks best if the other partner has a solid-colored outfit. This helps you to look coordinated!

For women, a maxi dress is a flattering option for your first outfit. Not only does it look great in photos, it adds a lot of movement to your images and gives your hand something to do (lightly holding onto your dress or twirling!).

Remember to try on your clothing before your session with your undergarments to ensure you like the fit. Clothes that are fitted, but not overly tight, look best. If you’ll be driving a distance to your session, I recommend changing once you get on-site to ensure your clothes don’t wrinkle on the ride over.

Lastly, shoe choice is important! I’m always looking for the best light and that means getting into grassy areas or walking in the winery. I recommend either flat shoes, or shoes you can easily walk in on uneven ground.

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