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Rose Haven Heritage Garden

Rose Haven Heritage Garden Engagement Photos

Rose Haven Heritage Garden is one of my favorite places in Temecula to take photos! The primary reason is the garden-style setting offers a beautiful variety of backgrounds and color - even during months where it’s very hot in Temecula and everything has faded to a lovely brown-green!


Rose Haven Heritage Garden is located at 30592 Jedediah Smith Road, Temecula, CA 92592.

Rose Haven Heritage Garden


The garden is maintained by the Temecula Rose Society. You can find out more information on their website.


The Rose Haven Heritage Garden requires a permit. I maintain a permit year-round to take advantage of the garden setting for engagement photos.

Garden Features

Rose Haven Heritage Garden has some beautiful features which make it unique to the Temecula area. The garden is enclosed with a white wood fence. There are over 1,600 botanical plants in the garden, as well as trees, benches, gazebos, and a small pond feature surrounded by boulders. The west-facing portion of the garden backs up to a large hillside which makes for a lovely backdrop for sunset photos. The various florals in the garden are not only great backdrops, but filter the light beautifully during our engagement session.


The garden is open sunrise to sunset. I plan to start my sessions about an hour and half before the sun sets. This allows us to get great light filtering through the trees and plants, and near the end of the session, a mountain backdrop lit by the setting sun.


There’s a small parking lot located off of Jedediah Smith Rd. You can also park along the fence located on Cabrillo Rd.


There are NO restrooms on-site. I recommend stopping somewhere in advance if you have to go to the restroom. This plaza has restrooms in a few different locations. It's a 3 minute drive to the garden from Chevron.

Chevron off Temecula Parkway

If you’re bringing more than one outfit for your engagement session, I would recommend being prepared to change in your car.

What to Wear

I recommend bringing 1-2 outfits. A long dress is a universally flattering look and wearing a long skirt gives you something to “play” with during your session, as well as looking amazing when wind comes along! For guys, a classic look is a button-up shirt and jeans or khakis. Because the garden is a more casual setting, I recommend keeping your outfits on the casual site - leave the tuxes and stilettos at home! Also, keep in mind that the ground is a dirt path for the most part. You’ll want to wear some shoes that are more sturdy and can handle going up and down an incline.

Lauren + Nathaniel's Engagement Session

Lauren + Nathaniel's session at the garden took place in mid-October. Lauren and I spent quite a bit of time trying to nail down the perfect location! She and Nathaniel are from Vegas, and she wanted something a bit different and with more color for their engagement photos. Rose Haven Heritage Garden ended up being the perfect setting! They are such a fun, bubbly couple - you can see how much they enjoy each other in their photos! I can't wait for their Avensole Winery wedding!

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