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Temecula Family Photography

My favorite aspect of being a Temecula family photographer is working with families and seeing their kids grow up over the years! I’ve been a portrait photographer for 10 years now, and some clients I see every single year and have gotten to know quite well - from the age where I’m chasing them with my camera, to the age where I can ask them to smile! It’s a lot of fun to capture those memories for local families year after year.

Temecula is one of my favorite cities to photograph family session! There’s a variety of backdrops and different “feels” for those looking for a specific look for their photos. I’ve gathered information on the best locations, as well as tips for getting ready for your family portrait session!

Temecula Family Photography Locations

Santa Rosa Plateau

Santa Rosa Plateau is one of the best locations if you’re looking for an outdoor, wildlife look to your photos! For families that want a nature-type feel, this is the perfect location. It’s 10,000 acres which includes plenty of open space, trails, a visitor center, picnic area, and historic adobe buildings. There is a fee to enter the park through the visitor center.

Old Town Temecula

For those looking for downtown backdrops to their family session, I absolutely love Old Town Temecula! There’s no shortage of great locations in this downtown area. The bridge is very popular for images, and I also love to utilize City Hall. I’ve split family sessions between downtown Temecula and some fields nearby. So it’s a “best of both worlds” scenario!

One major consideration with Old Town Temecula is events. I always check the calendar when booking a session here to ensure we’re not running into a festival! Additionally, parking can be a bit unpredictable - I recommend parking at City Hall if it looks like the streets are full!

Rose Haven Heritage Park

Rose Haven Park is a gorgeous garden setting for your Temecula family photos! These well-tended gardens are the perfect outdoor backdrop with pops of color and features like a gazebo, large trees and a pond. A fun place for the family to explore either before or after your session! Rose Haven Heritage Park asks for a reasonable donation to use their grounds for family photos.

Humphreys Estate

Humphreys Estate is a one-of-a-kind setting in Temecula! The ivy-covered buildings on the grounds evoke a European feel. There are also beautiful paths, terraces, and a bridge that makes for plenty of unique backdrops for your Temecula family portraits!

Humphreys Estate requires a session booking fee of $75 for a 90 minute session at present.

Live Oak Park

Live Oak Park, located in Fallbrook, is another great outdoor option for photos. If you’re looking for large trees in your photos, this is a fantastic setting! There’s also a stone creek bed, bridges, and amphitheater. There’s a charge for parking.

Temecula Wineries

Wineries are a popular choice for family photos! However, if you’re interested in a session at a particular winery, it’s best to connect directly with them and see if there’s a fee for family portrait photography. Most wineries allow for sessions on their grounds for upcoming wedding clients but don’t freely offer the grounds for photography otherwise. It’s best to connect with your photographer and ask them to inquire about any session fees.

Looking for more locations outside Temecula? Check out Photoshoot Locations in the Inland Empire for an abundance of options!

What to Wear

My advice for families is to look coordinated but not match! Avoid wearing the same color - while families wearing all black or all white is an easy choice to make, it creates a “visual block” for the viewer and actually makes your clothes the focus of the photo, instead of your beautiful family!

You don’t have to be afraid of patterns, but it looks best if there’s a mix of solid colors and patterns. I love this photo from an outdoor family session at a park. This family chose the perfect colors and I love that mom chose a brighter color! She deserves to stand out with all those boys :)

Temecula CA Family Photo Session

Session Length

My Temecula family portrait sessions are about an hour. This is enough time to get plenty of combinations - mom and dad, each parent individually with their kids, just the kids, and then time for candids. I walk my clients through the entire process and provide guidance for posing, walking together, and other activities to help you look and feel natural in your photos!

Time of Day

I schedule my sessions an hour and a half before sunset. This allows for some buffer time for moving in between locations, or if we have some littles and they’re not feeling the session (it happens!), time to just hang out for a bit. Scheduling just before sunset means you’ll have that gorgeous sunset light in your photos! It’s my favorite time of day to shoot because it’s the most flattering light!

Temecula Family Photography Cost

Please see my Family Portrait Pricing page for details.