April Wedding Timeline

By the time we hit April in Temecula, we're well into spring! While April can be a very pleasant month to get married, it's one of my less busy months as a Temecula wedding photographer. However, it's worth considering for a few reasons!

Choice of Wedding Dates

April is a less popular wedding month compared to May, June or July. Because of this you'll have your choice of dates for your wedding weekend!

Spring Color

"Bud break," as it's popularly known in Temecula, usually takes place in late March or early April. This means you'll have plenty of fresh green color in your wedding photos!

Mild Weather

Average high temperatures for the month of April in Temecula range from 70 - 74 degrees Fahrenheit. While this can be warm and pleasant during the day, temperatures drop quite a bit at night and without humidity, you and your guests will feel chilly! An indoor reception venue, or one with heat lamps, is ideal for an April wedding.

It's worth noting that in terms of rainfall, Temecula's "rainy season" lasts from mid-October to late April. There's certainly a higher chance of rain in April, so you'll want to work with a venue that has a rain plan.

What time is the sunset?

In April, we start to see the sun setting after 7:00 PM. For simplicity, we'll use this as a guidepost in our sample April timelines.

Will we be having a first look?

A first look is when a couple sees each other prior to the wedding ceremony. There are a few reasons I think they're a good idea on your wedding day.

More Time for Portraits

If you have a lot of family photos, a large wedding party, or simply want to get lots of photos of yourself around the venue as a married couple, a first look helps you to do that! With a first look, we essentially have two blocks of time set aside for portraits: before and after the ceremony. Simply coordinating large groups of people (for family and wedding party photos) takes a lot of time, so having extra time ensures you'll get the images you want on your wedding day.

It's an Insurance Policy

Things will run behind on your wedding day! In one wedding I recently photographed, the rings were left behind in the hotel room, and someone had to go back and get them. There's always going to be a lag when you have separate getting ready, ceremony and reception locations.

Having a first look planned, even if the first look starts late, ensures some portraits are completed before the ceremony.

You Can Spend Cocktail Hour with Family and Friends

If it's important for you to spend more time on your wedding day with family and friends, a first look is a great way to do that. If we're able to wrap up all wedding party, family and married couple portraits before the ceremony, that means after the ceremony you have more time with your guests! Of course I'll still want to reserve 20 minutes before sunset for portraits of just the two of you!

Check out the article below for more info on incorporating a first look into your wedding day!

Pros and Cons to a Wedding Day First Look

Is there travel required on our wedding day?

I photograph many weddings where everything takes place in one location - if your wedding involves a church or other locations where you'd like to get portraits, I make sure to work with you in accounting on that time in your timeline.

How many hours of wedding day photography coverage do we need?

For weddings with about 100 guests in one venue, 8-9 hours is sufficient.

I don't typically stay at a wedding through the entire reception, mainly because if there are 3-4 hours of dancing coverage, it's a better use of your time and money to get pictures prior to the ceremony.

Important Parts of Your Wedding Day Timeline

Getting Ready: 1 1/2 Hours
First Look: 30 Minutes
Separate Wedding Party Photos: 30 Minutes
Ceremony: 30 Minutes
Family Photos: 30 Minutes
Combined Wedding Party Photos: 30 Minutes
Married Couple Portraits: 30 Minutes
Grand Entrance: 5 Minutes
First Dance: 5 Minutes
Family Dances:10 Minutes
Toasts:10 Minutes
Bouquet or Garter Toss: 10 Minutes
Cake Cutting: 5 Minutes
Exit: 5 Minutes

April Timeline with First Look - 5:00 PM Ceremony

1:30: Photography starts / getting ready images and details
3:00: First look
3:30: Family photos
4:00: Wedding party photos
5:00: Ceremony
5:30: Any remaining family photos
5:45: Wedding party photos
6:00: Married couple portraits
6:45: Grand entrance
7:00: First dance
7:10: Toasts
7:20: Dinner service
8:30: Family dances
8:45: Cake cutting
8:55: Bouquet toss/garter toss
9:00: Open dancing
9:30: Photography concludes

April Timeline - No First Look - 5:00 PM Ceremony

2:00: Photography starts / getting ready images and details
3:30: Separate wedding party photos
4:00: Separate family photos
5:00: Ceremony
5:30: Family photos
5:50: Wedding party photos
6:15: Married couple photos
7:00: Grand entrance
7:10: First dance
7:15: Toasts
7:30: Dinner service
8:30: Family dances
8:45: Cake cutting
8:55: Bouquet toss/garter toss
9:00: Open dancing
9:30: Photography concludes

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