March Wedding Timeline

Compared to the summer months, March isn't quite as popular of a wedding month but it's worth considering for a few reasons!

Daylight Saving Time starts in March

This means the sun starts to set later, which is an advantage on a wedding day! You can have a later ceremony time and also a "bonus" portrait time depending on your reception events.

If you're considering March, I would recommend choosing a wedding date in the second half of the month, once Daylight Saving Time starts.

It's a Less Popular Wedding Month

This means your pick of wedding dates! If you're having a shorter engagement, you should still be able to find a wedding date that works for you.

On the other hand, there are a few things to consider. As a wedding photographer, I serve the Temecula market, and while the weather here in March is much more enjoyable compared to my home state of Michigan, it can still be unpredictable! With that said, there's something you should consider.

Make Sure Your Venue Has a Rain Plan

If you're choosing an outdoor wedding venue for your wedding day, you'll want to know the options in case of rain. Venues such as Bel Vino Winery and Lake Oak Meadows offer clear tents; but those typically come at an extra charge.

When planning your March wedding timeline, there are a few items to consider to create an amazing, stress-free timeline!

What time is the sunset?

When helping you create your wedding timeline, I work the timeline events around the sunset! That's because it's the best light of the day, and selfishly, I want to reserve it for newlywed portraits!

For a March timeline, we'll plan on a wedding day after the start of Daylight Saving Time. This would mean a sunset time of 6:57 PM.

Will we be having a first look?

A first look is when you see your spouse-to-be before the wedding ceremony. There's a few reasons couples choose to do this.

More Portrait Time

This is the biggie! If you have a first look, you'll be able to get some couple portraits, family portraits, and possibly wedding party portraits as well BEFORE the ceremony. Sometimes couples I work with want to spend cocktail hour with their family and friends, and this helps them to do so. OR they want to go offsite and get some portraits elsewhere during cocktail hour. Ultimately, a first look means you'll receive more couple portraits and more wedding party portraits.

It's an Insurance Policy

I love first looks because it's the ultimate insurance policy against your wedding day running behind. Things happen on a wedding day! Hair and makeup takes longer than planned, or your wedding transportation shows up late, or something forgets something, or someone doesn't show up when they need to. When you have a first look, even it's behind, it means you can get some portraits done before the ceremony. I'm an expert at photographing fast, but it's nice to have that extra time and helps to make your day more stress-free and enjoyable!

It's Your Decision

It's YOUR wedding day and this is something I leave up to you! It's my job to explain the benefits and disadvantages but I firmly believe it's your call!

Below is a more comprehensive article on pros and cons of a first look - check it out!

Pros and Cons to a Wedding Day First Look

Is there travel required on our wedding day?

I photograph many weddings where everything takes place in one location - if your wedding involves a church or other locations where you'd like to get portraits, I make sure to work with you in accounting on that time in your timeline.

How many hours of wedding day photography coverage do we need?

For weddings with about 100 guests in one venue, 8-9 hours is sufficient.

I don't typically stay at a wedding through the entire reception, mainly because if there are 3-4 hours of dancing coverage, it's a better use of your time and money to get pictures prior to the ceremony.

Important Parts of Your Wedding Day Timeline

Getting Ready: 1 1/2 Hours
First Look: 30 Minutes
Separate Wedding Party Photos: 30 Minutes
Ceremony: 30 Minutes
Family Photos: 30 Minutes
Combined Wedding Party Photos: 30 Minutes
Married Couple Portraits: 30 Minutes
Grand Entrance: 5 Minutes
First Dance: 5 Minutes
Family Dances:10 Minutes
Toasts:10 Minutes
Bouquet or Garter Toss: 10 Minutes
Cake Cutting: 5 Minutes
Exit: 5 Minutes

March Timeline with First Look - 5:00 PM Ceremony

1:30: Photography starts / getting ready images and details
3:00: First look
3:30: Family photos
4:00: Wedding party photos
5:00: Ceremony
5:30: Any remaining family photos
5:45: Wedding party photos
6:00: Married couple portraits
6:45: Grand entrance
7:00: First dance
7:10: Toasts
7:20: Dinner service
8:30: Family dances
8:45: Cake cutting
8:55: Bouquet toss/garter toss
9:00: Open dancing
9:30: Photography concludes

March Timeline - No First Look - 5:00 PM Ceremony

2:30: Photography starts / getting ready images and details
3:30: Separate wedding party photos
4:00: Separate family photos
5:00: Ceremony
5:30: Family photos
5:50: Wedding party photos
6:15: Married couple photos
6:45: Grand entrance
7:00: First dance
7:10: Toasts
7:20: Dinner service
8:30: Family dances
8:45: Cake cutting
8:55: Bouquet toss/garter toss
9:00: Open dancing
9:30: Photography concludes

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