Backlit Bride and Groom
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Courtney McManaway Photography: Temecula Wedding Photographer

Backlit Bride and Groom

In one of my favorite movies, Blades of Glory, Chaz Michael Michael says to Jimmy MacElory, "The night is a very dark time for me," to which Jimmy responds, "The night is dark for everyone, moron!" (It's easy my favorite comedic movie about figure easy pick since it's THE only comedic movie about figure skating!)

What on earth does this have to do with this image? Well, as a wedding photographer, indeed the night is a very dark time for everyone...unless you pop in some backlit flash and then HUZZAH! you have a little nighttime magic as I created in about 5 minutes here for Kenya + Wasani!

These images are all about the light and the background, and I just ask you to face each other and either kiss or smile. I get these wrapped up in a few minutes and then it's back to the party!