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    Bounce Flash

    There are many photographers that think flash is the devil. I would agree with that to an extent – I do not think direct flash is the most flattering for any…

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    Photo Mojo: Posing

    Posing is HARD. Heck, photography is hard. Sure, today’s DSLR’s take better photos in auto mode than the average point-and-shoot, but as a professional photographer, it’s so much more that pushing…

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    Photo Mojo: Good Reads

    As a “duh” statement of the year, photography is visual. The best learning takes place by doing, and I often turn to video education to further my knowledge base. However, I’m…

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    The Kelly Moore bag

    As soon as I heard about the Kelly Moore photography bag, I put it on order. I had looked at the Shootsac, but I really wanted a bag that could carry…

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    Photo Mojo: On-Camera Flash

    Flash used to intimidate me.  In some ways, it still does. I’m certainly not an expert when it comes to off-camera flash, for example, but you definitely learn how to use…

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    Photo Mojo: Flash

    I don’t know what it is about flash, but it scares the crap out of most photographers. Just when you figure out how to manually meter to get great exposures, then…