Bridal Prep at a Temecula Micro Wedding
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Bridal Prep at a Temecula Micro Wedding

This is one of my favorite images I took in 2020, the year of rescheduling and moving weddings! When I first talked to this bride, they were to get married in the spring, and they in particular wanted to have the wedding to ensure her mother, who was having surgery, could be there. With COVID, the wedding was moved to a family home; this image was taken in the bride's in-laws' bedroom, and her mother was there to help her get dressed.

The entire family was respectful and cautious and so grateful to have the bride's mother and her entire family there on the wedding day - as a wedding photographer these are the moments I look for, and love to capture, and I think the images that will still resonate with couples decades from now. I also love how this image captures the essence of weddings in 2020 - and how love still goes on!

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