Creative Nighttime Lighting
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Courtney McManaway Photography: Temecula Wedding Photographer

Creative Nighttime Lighting

Near the end of the wedding reception, I always like to see if I can get a few moments with you to take some creative portraits! This typically takes no longer than 5 minutes and is a great way to round out the wedding gallery!

In Stephanie + Tim's case, orange was one of the colors featured during their reception at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. I had Tim hold a flash on which I placed an orange gel, and asked the two of them to face each other and smile! Tim pointed the flash towards the wall, which lit it up and created the silhouette of the newlyweds. The lights you see to the left are battery-operated string lights, which I held just in front of my lens to create some additional visual interest. I always bring them to weddings and they come in handy for making something creative and memorable!

Knowing how to utilize flash has been so important in my career as a wedding photographer. While I love, love, LOVE natural light, flash absolutely has its place and I love to use it to not only light receptions but create something different for you!