6 Tips for Photos with Children
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6 Tips for Photos with Children

Look at this sweetie! This cutie is at one of my favorite ages for family photos. Digital is truly a blessing for family photos, because as parents know, your three-year-old may be in a great mood one second, and in a not-so-great mood the next! This is why, in my experience as a Temecula family photographer, I've put together some tips to get the best out of your session!

1. Don't Show Up on an Empty Stomach

This is second nature for parents, but because photo times can be variable (I prefer to shoot an hour before sunset), you'll want to make sure your child has a meal or snack ahead of time.

2. Playing the Fool Works!

For most of my images where I'm capturing an AMAZING expression like this, it's because mom, dad, or a sibling is right behind me, jumping up and down or doing something silly! It's totally worth it to get a picture like this!

3. Don't Be Afraid to Get Silly As a Group

As much as I work hard to get that shot of everyone smiling at the camera, young children are very unlikely to do that the entire session. In this case, I'll start to prompt the parents to think of things their kids love. What songs do they love to sing? Do they like the make animal noises? Are there any funny words that make them laugh? Photos of you interacting as a family can be just as amazing and touching as photos of you smiling at the camera!

4. Movement Matters

Kids are wiggly! So whenever we get a chance to move around, I like to get images of the family walking together. If I have a little that's exceptionally energetic, I might ask them to jump around, run, swing their arms around! This can get them laughing and you can get some more fun images this way!

5. Bring Some Toys

Listen, I'm just not that interesting to kids. It's okay, I'm not offended when they lose interest in me entirely halfway through the session ๐Ÿ˜‰ Bringing some small toys to play with, or books to read together, is another opportunity to get natural photos of your family doing something engaging and fun!

6. Bribery Works

I'm not here to judge! Let me just say I've heard many a mom or dad encourage their kids during the session with ice cream or a family outing, and it seems to work, if for a brief period of time. Heck, I'm well past childhood and you could bribe ME to smile with the promise of a chocolate ice cream cone!

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