Creating Family Moments
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Creating Family Moments

During your family session, I'm always working with your family to create sweet moments like I captured with this mom and her daughter.

Kids LOVE whispering and they love secrets! They love jokes too! So during your session, I'll say to your son or daughter, "HEY - I bet you know some great jokes! Can you whisper one to your mommy and daddy?"

Having been a family photographer for over 10 years now, I know how important it is to keep changing things up so your kids don't get bored and start to disconnect! Besides whispering, jokes and secrets, I also like to ask about their friends, if they know any funny or silly words, or if they can sing their ABCs with me! Sometimes we do a "silly face" break which helps to get everyone laughing too!

TICKLING is also a great way to get some smiles going! When your session is happening, I always ask the parents to keep smiling at me when they do this.