Sweet Siblings
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Sweet Siblings

Some of my favorite sessions as a Temecula family photographer are with littles just like this! Young, unpredictable, but can produce some of the cutest moments!

It's hard to get young children to sit still for family photos, but I try to make the best of their attention spans by asking questions and giving prompts, like, "Can you be an amazing BIG BROTHER and give your sister a kiss on the head?" (As you can see, she was not impressed!)

Parents are the heroes here - to get pictures of young children, they're often right behind me, helping to make their children smile and occasionally offering a treat for a smile!

I also love to see what songs kids love to sing or if they like animal noises - sometimes those can bring a really fun and genuine reaction in the moment!

This photo was taken at a clients' home and I zeroed in on these logs against the vines as soon as I saw them! The perfect place for photos! Of course they hadn't set them up that way SPECIFICALLY to create an awesome photo setting, but they definitely worked out that way!

Location: Temecula, CA.