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Macro Engagement Ring Photography

I love photographing beautiful details like rings on the wedding day! Macro photography really makes the detail of a gorgeous ring pop in a photo like this. Sometimes I use nontraditional elements to make a creative composition. For instance, this photo was taken on a glittery placemat! By putting it next to the window, I was able to capture the sparklyness (totally a word) of the diamond. As Marilyn Monroe said, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend!"

I typically capture images like this at the beginning of the wedding day! When I arrive to the bridal suite or getting ready room, I'll ask my clients to have all the important details from their day gathered. This would include, obviously, a dress, suit, shoes, rings, jewelry, and veil or hairpiece. Some couples use heirlooms like handkerchiefs and I love to include those as well. Also, don't forget to bring a copy of your wedding invitation! This sets the tone for the day and I love to photograph the invitation suite as well!

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