Your Pre-Ceremony Wedding Pictures

Your Pre-Ceremony Wedding Pictures

The transformation to bride or groom on your wedding day is one of my favorite portions of the day to photograph! There's a feeling of excitement as the bride gets her makeup done with her best friends and family - and the groom kicks back with groomsmen until about fifteen minutes before they need to be dressed ;) I love capturing the fun and also the sweet moments, like Snow here with her mother as she adjusts her veil.

For these types of images, it's ideal to have a window-lit room. This will let in natural, directional light which will lend a beautiful quality to your images. During this portion of the day, I also photograph the details that are important to you, such as your shoes, invitations, your dress hanging, your bridesmaids' dresses, bouquets, bridesmaids and groomsmen gifts, etc. It's a great idea to set these aside so I can start taking pictures of those right away once I arrive on-site.

Another tip is that the bride should be dressed and finished last. Your images will look better if your bridal party is dressed while they help you get into your dress.

This is a great time of the day to add some extra padding to your timeline! If you have a large bridal party all getting hair and makeup, ask to be done an hour before you need to get dressed. This will account for anyone running late, for a hairstyle that doesn't go right, or any of the other factors that can stress you out on your wedding day. The very worst that can happen is you have some extra time to relax either before your first look or ceremony!

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